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Wine Study Documents

These are free (yes, FREE) documents that Daniela created or modified in order to study for the WSET Diploma. She will be adding to them regularly as she prepares for the Master of Wine journey. Find them useful and want to show support? Head on over to the "Make a Donation" tab and drop a few bucks off in support of both Daniela's studies and scholarship funds for food/beverage industry folk! 

Please note that the contents of these documents were sourced from a number of publications, including the Oxford Companion to Wine, the WSET Diploma manuals, the Philly Wine PowerPoint presentations, producer sites, and other web sources. BY NO MEANS are they perfectly error-free, but the information was . Some of the entries are not complete yet, but are meant to be springboards for your own education. 


More Coming Soon!

Sparkling Wine

Fortified Wine

Wine Regions

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