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About Daniela

Hi, I’m Daniela, a 27-year old WSET Diploma graduate that will soon embark on a long journey to obtain the Master of Wine title. I created this website because I wanted to do a few things:

  1. Give a brutally honest, irreverent, and hopefully entertaining account of this process. You’re going to know when I cry over learning about a fermented beverage. And you have permission to laugh at me.

  2. Provide a free (yes, FREE) resource for advancing wine experts. These study guides are my own and will be updated regularly as I go along. They follow a DipWSET and MW curriculum but are applicable for all wine scholars.

  3. Provide a way to collect scholarship funds for industry professionals. One of my 574,895 side jobs includes teaching wine classes and I’d like to give back. If you like what you read, drop a buck or two into the philanthropy bucket!

It occurred to me that self-study, especially at the higher levels, can be very lonely. Because I didn’t have a mentor, I often screwed up. Like, royally. So I wanted to be a beacon of light, hope, and humor for everyone who’s trying to pass any certification or embark on a long journey, wine-related or otherwise. And if you like what you read, you can also send a couple of dollars my way and know that you contributed to me finally being able to blind taste Rioja correctly.

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